Monday, August 26, 2013

Maps for All the Important Stuff

Fascinating link here from my buddy Paul Clements in Lynchburg. This is a series of 40 maps telling us much of what is important to know about the world we live in. For example:
  • Countries that don't use the metric system (hint: us as in U.S. and almost nobody else).
  • Countries Britain has not invaded (yet). There are 22. Most have nothing that would make invading worthwhile.
  • Most expensive McDonald's burgers ($7.18 in Norway).
  • Countries with/without paid maternity leave. (Hint: the U.S. is almost alone here, again.)
  • Countries that drive on the left/right side of the road. (Hint: We're in a big majority.)
  • Countries that use the metric system. (Hint: We're in a big minority.)
  • The 10 busiest air travel routes of 2012. (Hint: Washington to New York isn't even close.)
  • Heaviest drinking in the world. (Hint: Europe, the old Soviet Union.)
  • Who drinks what. (Hint: It would be beer here.)
  • Earthquake map since 1898. (Hint: California is going to slide into the ocean.)
  • Rubber duckie landfall map. (I'm not making this up. You couldn't make this up.)
  • Countries with the most bribes. (Hint: We barely register.)
  • Average age to first get laid. (I'm still not making this up.)
  • Map of where oil is exported/imported. (Hint: We don't export much.)
  • Who's running out of water quickest? (My guess is the next world war will be over water.)
  • Map of pirate hotspots (arrrrrrgh!).

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