Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bargain of the Day: Fat Jeans vs. Skinny Jeans

There's a number of ways we can go with this:

Where do they take the 50 percent off? Is it in the legs, the ass, the waist?

Are Fat Jeans being increased by 50 percent and where is that increase taking place (most likely spot: the butt). Are we penalizing fat people too much these days for being lardasses (paying for double airplane seats, for example)? (Hint: No.)


  1. So, tolerance towards race, gender, disability, sexuality, nationality, and religion is to be promoted. But using derogatory terms about people dealing with weight issues is okay? That's BS Dan. This isn't the first time you've said some stupid and offensive things about overweight people.

  2. D: If you recall, I call myself "lardass" upon occasion. I am overweight because I fail to do the things that keep me from being overweight and I do not deserve praise for that behavior.

  3. But you weren't in this post. Plus, no one's asking for praise, just asking not to be insulted. Insulting overweight people has became far too socially acceptable. Kills me to see a fat character on TV with food all over their face, and they usually are stupid or socially awkward.

    I've been happy with the TV show Under the Dome recently because there's an overweight hispanic woman who's an expert with radio devices, knows sign-language, and is always well-dressed.

    Anyway, self-deprecate all you'd like, but "lardasses" should probably be used for no other reason. Unless you're writing from the POV of some nasty fiction character.