Friday, August 9, 2013

Once Again Texas Leads the Way in Violation of Women's Rights

The same rubber gloves get used on two different girls during search.
If your day has begun smoothly and you'd like a little conflict, take a look at this video and you can get really--like REALLY--pissed off.

What you're seeing is Texas police officers, acting on what they believe to be legal instructions for field testing, doing two cavity searches by the side of the road, in the open, on two young girls accused of throwing two cigarettes out the car window. The kids should have their cell phones taken away for a year for tossing the nasty weeds, but they should not have their buttocks and vaginas penetrated by an officer--who uses the same latex gloves for each search.

The female cop was fired for this obscenity and the male is under investigation for stealing prescription meds from the girls. Texas cops. Leading the way.

If you're thinking "only in Texas," take a look at what's going on around us. Women are being violated publicly and legally in many states--including Virginia. Their rights are melting and the state is assuming the right to, in effect, rape women on the slightest pretense. We have a Republican statewide (governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general) ticket in Virginia that believes there's nothing wrong with those searches, those intrusions, those rapes.

Let's tell them that there, indeed, is.


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