Thursday, August 29, 2013

Here's Tenacity; Take Her/Him Home (Please)

Resist that face; go ahead, try it.
OK, cat people, I have one for you. As you probably remember, cats and I can't sanely occupy the same enclosure and over at Leah's house in Lynchburg a little orange cat named Doris Day has staked claim to a pillow on the bed and the left end of the living room sofa, so no other felines are welcome.

Here comes the problem. The little cat shown here has planted outside the house, looking for somebody's lap. The female cat is homeless, a little blue and searching. Here's how Leah describes it:

"[This is] Tenacity, who showed up in my yard in early summer, orphaned, skinny, skittish. At first I thought it was a neighbor’s cat who was just visiting, but inquiries show she doesn’t have a home. I’ve taken to calling her Tenacity because she is so steadfast in her quiet, determined way to belong to someone.

"I would keep her in a heartbeat if I didn’t already have a cat (who doesn’t tolerate other cats) because this one is a real sweetheart. If you know of someone who loves cats and will open their home for her, let me know. My task is to find someone who will love and care for this little creature."

Sooooooo. If you're up for a permanent visit from this little gal, let me know ( and I'll pass the word to Leah. We can deliver. We'd like to deliver. Soon. 

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