Sunday, March 17, 2013

Maddie and the Vikings Storm Downtown Roanoke Again

The whole rowdy gang lets out a war cry.
Maddie and her buddy Charisse are ready.
Leah and Maddie, looking glum and Valkarie Maiden-like.
Heading off to battle, metal cap in place.
Chain mail is standard for some of the Vikes.
Maddie the Terrible and her green warpaint.
A pre-performance chat.
OK, who can resist this boy?
Jeffrey Rigdon, King of the Vikings.
Charisse and her big sword.
Maddie proposes a toast.
Princess Maddie aboard her ship.
The modern Viking woman with camera and water bottle.
Blowing the horn for battle.
Sailing into port.
A worn out Viking on the way home.
Once again Madeline (my grandgirl) spent her birthday (which is actually today, Sunday) enjoying the St. Maddie's Day Parade in downtown Roanoke with her good buddies, the Vikings of the Roanoke Valley. Here is some of what they looked like and did.

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