Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bargain of the Day: Plants for Your Yard, Garden

My pal Jan Keister, who works--paid and unpaid--for just about every non-profit known to man (or woman, I suspect) just sent me an announcement that I suspect will have broad appeal. It's about buying plants for the spring planting season and these are dandies.

Here's Jan's announcement:

Volunteers from the Urbiculture Foundation have gotten together to make a bulk wholesale order of fruit trees, berries and asparagus plants and are passing the savings on to you. Purchase a share that includes over 125 perennial fruits and vegetables at our secure online site .

This is by far the most economical way to plant your food forest, but orders MUST be placed by Monday, March 18. There are enough plants here to nicely integrate into your yard; over the years these plants will increase in yield and you will gain many friends and enjoy good eating. All of these plants will produce for 10 or more years when cared for appropriately. Shares include asparagus, berries and fruit trees, a $450 retail value for $85.

You can purchase plants individually, at the Urbiculture Foundation website or call 540-982-8289

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