Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Photo of the Day: Moviemaking Roanoker

Andrea Shreeman of Santa Monica, Calif., by way of Roanoke, was the subject of a photo shoot I did a little while ago for FRONT/May issue. Andrea, who grew up here and went to Cave Spring High School (then to George Washington University on a gymnastics scholarship and to USC for moviemaking), is filming a movie here titled "It's a Good Day to Die," a "suicide comedy" and she's drawing a good bit of attention for it.
Reminds me of her immediate Roanoke movie predecessor Sarah Elizabeth Timmins ("Lake Effects") in many ways: both young,  smart, ambitious, talented and great communicators. I felt like I'd known Andrea for about 15 years when we first locked eyes in that "hey, I'm meeting somebody here for a picture; are you that somebody?" second. She zoomed right by it and started asking questions about me--and seemed genuinely interested. Woman has a future, I'd say.

Andrea's been doing this for a while, so she's no novice. She's also pretty good on the other side of the camera, as you can see here. I thoroughly enjoy photographing people who know what they look like, appreciate the look and don't fake it. You can see her in her here and it's appealing on several levels.

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