Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Gun Maker's Profits Take a Sharp Upward Turn

This is the My Dick's Bigger Than Yours .357 Magnum Model. Think Eastwood.
If you are suffering under the illusion that gun manufacturers--the primary underpinning of the NRA--want some sort of settlement on gun issues, even settlements dramatically in their favor, consider this: Smith &  Wesson's profits recently tripled in light of the "them damn socialists is coming to get my guns" paranoia generated by the gun lobby.

A national Christian evangelical leader once told me that he wasn't especially homophobic, but every time he said something about gay people--in a negative light--money poured in, so he wasn't about to stop it.

The gun nuts load up every time there's even a hint that buying a personal nuclear arsenal for the back yard might come under fire in Congress. There are already 300 million guns owned by Americans (one per person) and that is only increasing. If we melted them all, imagine what a block of steel that would make. We could stop mining for a couple of years, I'd predict.


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