Thursday, March 14, 2013

Scrabble Tournament Brings in Bucks for Literacy

150 players on 50 teams (a record) piled into Fitzpatrick Hall  to play Scrabble for literacy.
3 Generations: Marianne Wydner, Chloe Epps (10), Dana Guthrie.
Journalist Dan Casey will rue the sleaze.
Historionics: Christina Koomen and Jeanne Bollendorf.
Christina ponders a move.
Journalist Meg Hibbert has fast hands.
Editorial writer Luanne Rife watches a move.
MaryLou Puritz and Jonas Nouchet (11) were teammates.
Blue Ridge Literacy's annual Scrabble tournament continues to fill halls and set records. With 150 players and 50 teams this year--bringing in $10,000--the bar has been raised again. The teams ran from 10-year-old Chole Epps, through middle school and college teams, old fogeys and journalists. One wag suggest that there were so many journalists in the crowd that if a bomb were set off, civilization would end because there'd be nobody left to report it.

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