Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hollins Lit Fest: Writers, Writers Everywhere

Author Karen Osborne reads from her marvy novel Centerville.
Lots of writers out there wanting to learn.
Jacksonville Center head Jeanne Larsen.
Judy Ayyildez of Roanoke, author of Forty Thorns
My pal and grad student Amanda Pauley.
Author Carrie Brown of Lynchburg and the Hollins faculty.
Karen leans into a point.
The annual Hollins Literary Festival is going on today at the Richard Wetherill Center and kicked off this morning with a reading by novelist Karen Osborne, the writer in residence for this semester.

The large audience was dotted with students and writers, some of them quite successful, as Karen--who teaches at Mt. Holyoke in Massachusetts--read from her powerful novel Centerville.

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