Saturday, March 30, 2013

Photo Easay: Let the Marginal Arts Weirdness Begin

Artist Suzn Hughes wore a BIIIIIIIIG hat.
OK, so not all bluehairs are old ... or ugly.
Uses for Barbie: No. 4231.
I have absolutely no idea ...
Southwest Virginia Ballet marches away from the sun.
The arts may be marginal, but the reading isn't.
Roanoke Valley Rollergirls show up everywhere
Feast your eyes on this picture of you, clown.
My pal Mary Beth Layman (and me).
The old Scotsman and his bagpipe.
Ah, the sweet face of youth.
The always exotic Claudia DeFranco.
Look closely: There's a man in the nose trying to escape.
Colors, colors everywhere.
There's always room for an important political statement ("genetically modified foods suck").
Forgot your shoes, Clarabelle.
Drumming her way along.
The crowd was modest, but interested.
Rubber chicken in a cage, riding a horse. Uh, yes. That's it.
Bus drivers respond. Or not.
Community High School's week-long Marginal Arts Festival kicked off today with its annual parade of weirdness in downtown Roanoke today at noon. If you think the parade is weird, take a look at the rest of the week's activities on the website (here). There's something there for almost any taste(lessness). Get out and see what you can stir up.

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