Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Camera Collect Gets an Elevated Home

This is hard to see, I know, but my son, my little buddy Isaac and I worked our butts off this a.m. putting up the shelving in the den to hold part of my camera collection. It had been piled into a single standing display case and looked junky. It's a little better on the eyes this way and it's out of traffic.

The part of this we hadn't figured on is that the walls must be made of two-inch steel because it was almost impossible to put screws into it to hold the brackets. We figured it out, though (mostly Evan figured it out), and it's up. I like it.

Thieves: Don't bother yourself about breaking in and stealing any of these cameras. Most you'd get is about $5 apiece at Happy's Flea Market.  And besides, the very large, very quiet dog that sleeps behind the couch doesn't like his slumber disturbed.

This is not a valuable collection, but it never fails to elicit oohs and aahs from people seeing it and remembering posing for their grandpas. Cool little collection.

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