Thursday, March 21, 2013

Photo Essay: A Hot Word Night at Limnal

Christina Koomen reads her fascinating piece on mushrooms.
Diana Christopulos read from her new Appalachian Trail novel.
Journalist Mike Allen read his poetry.
Cara Modisett's piece was brief, impactful.
Will Griswold, Ashley von Schweets read Dwayne Yancey's play-ette about two buzzards.
Alise Stewart read three of her poems.
Tim Thornton told a tale of environmental degradation.
CHS student Jonah Woodstock reads about his funny brush with a (not) bell pepper.
Tonight's Limnal was the best I've been part of thus far. Good readings by some good writers (and a couple of kids reading a play-ette that was unusual: a couple of buzzards talking).

Your favorite editor.
This Cara Modisett's baby at Community High School and she keeps the region's writers busy with this once-a-month reading, which was packed tonight, as it usually is.

Pictured here are some of the readers, including your favorite editor (left), who won't be anybody's favorite editor for much longer.

As I mentioned before reading a new essay about going fishing with my buddy Tony, who always seemed to fall into the water, I'm aiming to be a real writer real soon and won't be anybody's editor while I'm working on that goal. Novels, here I come.

(The photos are all by me, except the one of me, by Christina Koomen.)

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