Monday, March 25, 2013

Photo Essay: Snowed in at Leah's

The new birdhouse out back lacks only a fireplace and garage.
Leah's son Paul made this marvelous aluminum impression.
Art deco baseball cap with round head beneath.
Protection from stray Samurai.
Leah's house: sideview.
Yesterday's task; today's regret.
Red flamingos love the show. Not.
OK, so yesterday I was on the way home as the snow began falling in Lynchburg and my truck's brakes thought they'd pitch a fit, so here I am on Monday morning awaiting a mechanic, looking out the window at the winter wonders surrounding my honey's house and feeling not a whit of regret. Great place to be stuck, if not by the snow then by the truck. (Home soon, though, I hope. Lot of work to finish for FRONT. My last issue needs to be a good one.)

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