Saturday, March 23, 2013

Cost of Bush Wars: $1.6 Trillion So Far, $6 Trillion Eventually

There were other costs, too: lives.
Attention Republican budget hawks:

How 'bout giving the rest of us an explanation of how you went along with this while claiming to be against government spending?

The Watson Institute at Brown University has just released a study that tells us the total cost of the George Bush/Dick Cheney wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will be $6 trillion when all is said and done.

To date, they've cost $1.6 trillion, but we're not out of either country and the long-term effects of these wars will overwhelm us.

The $6 will come to a head in 2053 and if you think that's too long in the future to even contemplate, remember that we were still in Vietnam in 1975. That's a little over 35 years ago.

Next time you want to bitch about helping Americans pay for their health care, take a look at these figures and ask yourself about priorities.

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