Thursday, March 21, 2013

Photo of the Day: My New Mountain Shepherd Hat

This is my new hat. My pal Dina Bennett of Mountain Shepherd Wilderness Survival School in Catawba gave it to me at lunch today at the Thai restaurant in downtown Roanoke (the tofu pad Thai is out of this world).

I like the hat. A lot. My favorite color and it fits the way my Superman hat (my other favorite) fits. I get a little tired explaining that the logo on the Superman hat is a family crest. Some people don't believe me. Can you believe that?

Anyhow, the other day, I'm standing minding my own business and this six- or seven-year-old kid walks over, stops in front of me and points at my hat. "Is that real?" he says.

"What do you mean real?"

"Do you know Superman?"

I look straight into his eyes, an earnest, truthful look. "He was my grandpa," I say.

Kid's eyes get as big as tractor tires. "Realllllllllllly!?!" he nearly shouts. Then he cranks back to a whisper: "Did you get any powers?"

I think for a minute. "Uh," I stumble. "Well, I'm not supposed to say, but I'll tell you. I got some, but I can't use them unless there's an emergency."

Kid runs off and a few minutes later I see him on the other side of the room frantically gesturing toward me to a man I guess to be his father. He chattering away enthusiastically and his dad is falling over laughing.

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