Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Pope, Same Out of Touch Church

The appeal of the Roman Catholic Church continues to baffle me and it is especially puzzling that women would willingly be part of a church that so overtly acts against them and their wishes, dreams, abilities and sensibilities.

With this new pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina, who will be called Pope Francis, the church has taken a large step forward toward the 14th Century, emerging, we hope from its more deeply medieval doldrums to a not so recent vintage. Francis has said, without equivocation, that he is traditional: against abortion, contraception, gay marriage, women in a more significant role and all the other hide-bound and ancient beliefs of a church that is falling apart before our very eyes. Does he favor pedophilia, which the church's old men seen to be sanctioning every day?

Francis is 76 years old, so he knows the ancient church first-hand and a guy his age isn't about to change much of anything. Too bad. The cardinals had an opportunity to grow into the 21st Century, but will now have to wait out a few more scandals, revelation of a few more overt corruptions and the growing discontent among women before anything is done. The clock is ticking, boys. Old boys.



  1. I really think you are missing something, Dan. While you may not understand how the selection of a new Pope affects the universal church, it is.

    I was moved to tears when he bowed and asked for prayers for him. It seems to be that this is what we need more of, an understanding of humility. The political stuff? It's an empty calling. God teaches us and my prayer is that this Pope leads the world in a fresh, new direction.

  2. Newt: I'd love to see him lead the world in "a fresh new direction" but history indicates otherwise and age underlines it.