Thursday, March 7, 2013

Study Finding: Dumb Guys Love Big Boobs

Those are natural, right?
(Here's an update on how bra size--and thus, what the bra is holding up--is increasing dramatically.)

So now we have an official, scientific study telling us what any boob would know:

Stupid men like large breasts. I say "stupid" here as a euphemism for "sexist," which is what the study talks about.

Here's the basic finding: "The researchers found that the largest percentage of participants (32.7 percent) rated medium-sized breasts as 'most attractive,' followed by large (24.4 percent), very large (19.1 percent), small (15.5 percent) and very small (8.3 percent)." I fall into the "small" category when I fall into any of them. I tend to prefer something large between the ears, not between the shoulders.

Here's the kicker: "a preference for large and very large breasts was significantly correlated with overt sexism,  benevolent sexism, female objectification and hostile attitudes toward women ... Men who tend to idealize 'traditional' femininity and perceive women as meek and weak, are also the most likely to prefer big boobs."

Then, of course, there's the caveat that gets the researchers off the hook: "The findings don’t mean that all men who find big breasts attractive are sexist."



  1. Boobs are symbolic of all that's best about women in the anthropological sense: affection, nurture, sex appeal. Or, more scientifically, they are an attractant--they are mating plumage. Bigger is more. That's why men find them attractive--cuz that's why they exist--that's the natural order of things. Those men who don't find them attractive are perhaps gender dysphoric. And, really, no amount of pandering to political correctness will resolve that.