Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Woodrow: A New Musical Expression in Roanoke

This is Dan Williams playing a Woodrow for a prospective customer.
This is Crystal playing a small Woodrow.
This is my new buddy Dan Williams and his pretty and talented wife Crystal, whom you have likely seen on Roanoke City Market if you've been there on recent Saturdays. Crystal sells jewelry she makes (I bought Madeline her first pearl necklace from Crystal) and Dan sells something he calls a Woodrow.
The Woodrow varieties.

The Woodrow, which Dan makes at his shop in Old Fort, N.C., (he and Crystal live in Winston-Salem), is a cross between a banjo and a dulcimer, but can sound like a variety of instruments. Dan has made and taught the Woodrow for 15 years and he says it is extremely easy to learn. He says, "From one single finger on one string, to flat picking, from major to minor to blues, this instrument is so easy and simple to adapt, the only limit is your imagination." It is so appealing that I bought one for my son and one for Madeline for Christmas (this coming Christmas, so keep your mouth shut about it, please).

Dan's instruments have an almost ancient look and feel, but they are light, portable and come in sizes that will accommodate adults and children. The woodworking on them is simply lovely and the woods are gorgeous.

Take a look at the website (here). The instruments cost about what a guitar would (between about $125 and $300) and they give you a variety of sounds and possibilities. I love the two I have ... until Christmas.

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  1. I can't wait to own one. My hands are itching to play another. I saw them at the arcade in Asheville, NC. Ahh so excited. J. Scott Morgan