Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Bridge Too Far Adds Aesthetic Drama to the Greenway

This is the longest expanse of the bridge, which zig-zags across Tinker Creek near Vinton.
The bridge has several overlooks and the view is great.
Some of the metal is painted, some is rusting.
Another view of the view.
Looking back from the other side of the river.
This trail goes up the steep hill with sharp switch-backs, making biking it difficult.
Your favorite editor in his new favorite shirt, taking in the view.
I went over to Vinton this morning to try to find that damn new Tinker Creek bridge that was opened last week as part of the Roanoke Valley Greenway. And I found it. It is at the end of a stretch of Greenway that previously had no link to anything on either end and now is part of a long stretch from Vinton to Wasena Park. Problem here is that the road is so sharp and so steep that it takes quite a biker to navigate a small part of it. But, for many bikers it is a real delight.

I wonder why the bridge is so big, so elaborate and why rusty metal was used (as it was in that monstrosity in Wasena Park*), but, frankly it all works here and the view is just lovely. Go find it. It's worth the effort.

(* Architect Richard Rife of Rife + Wood in Roanoke answers this question thusly: "Cor-Ten steel has a galvanized coating on it to prevent corrosion, then they apply a thin, sacrificial layer of steel on top of that which rusts and makes a sort of "patina" that prevents/minimizes further rusting. It's not supposed to rust through.")

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