Saturday, April 21, 2012

Photo Essay: Earth Day in Grandin Village

We begin with the Hula Hoop. (Cool shoes, huh?)
Refuge for gaming.
Bees and boys.
Polly Branch: Always the most interesting woman in the room.
Urban crop shopping at the Roanoke Co-op.
A little palm reading at The Mysterium.
Massage at both ends. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.
Love me some junk jewelry.
Did somebody say "1960s?"
Pearlie Mae Fu of Local Colors.
Painted ladies with a touch of sweetness.
Handsomest guy at the party.
Western VA Land Trust's George Kegley (left) and David Perry (right) with Peter Lewis of Apple Ridge Farm.
Mark Hanson of converted this Karmann Ghia to electricity.
Lucy De Los Rios is a walking percussion center for Another Roadside Attraction.
Meredith Marsh of Another Roadside Attraction.
And we end with the Hula Hoop. She was grand. (If you know her name, let me know.)
It was Earth Day in Grandin Village today, a celebration of all things green--including exercise, some left-leaning politics, preservation, alternate energy, and a whole lot of other things we would all be advised to consider as part of our lifestyles. Here is a quick look at some of what was going on all of it shot through a 10mm lens on my Nikon (the Canon rested today).


  1. Nice pictures. Wish i'd been there.

  2. The Earth Day festival in Roanoke 2015 returns to Wasena Park, the location of our first "official" festival in 1990. Celebrating over 25 years with friends as participating educators and enthusiasts!