Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Today's Quote: Christ's Teaching Opposed Marriage

Remember: Jesus was born without benefit of clergy.
"A radical anti-family ideology permeates Christ’s teaching, and the early Christian tradition often set faith and family against each other. In the gospels, Jesus repeatedly insists that his followers forsake their worldly ties to build a more inclusive brotherhood (and sisterhood) of true believers. Christ and the early church viewed the kinship solidarities, marital alliances and inheritance practices of families as competitors for converts’ allegiances."

--Stephanie Coontz, Evergreen State College, in a debate in today's NYTimes on Family Values (this is a heck of an essay for those considering the "value" in family values and it's a stark history lesson for Christians).


  1. As anyone who actually reads the Gospels knows. And will be a surprise to some who claim to be Christian but haven't read the Gospels all the way through.

  2. So few who remain Christian have actually read the Gospels (or any other books of the bible) all the way through.