Friday, April 6, 2012

Photo of the Day: 'Throw the Bum Out Day'

Yard is littered with the poor guy's possessions.
I'm not here to capitalize on anyone's misery, but sometimes misery from the outside is comedy. A few weeks ago I walked into a fistfight at a mall shoe store over some newly-issued Nikes. It was a genuine western-style brawl, but mostly it was hilarious.

This morning, while taking my morning walk (this time through the neighborhood) I passed a middle-aged woman standing on the front porch in her bathrobe, the look of doom on her pursed face, throwing her husband's shoes into the street. The meek husband, a man who looked like the world was on his head, was picking up shirts and pants that had been thrown in the yard and putting them into his truck. All around were what appeared to be his possessions.

It was "Throw the bum out" day in Dorchester Court, I guess.

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