Thursday, April 5, 2012

BFF Fashion Show: Elegance and a Touch of Humor

Alicia Lindeberg and Susan Ayers pass each other in the "before" segment of the show.
Alicia Lindeberg shows off her transformation from "Before" to "After" in fashion.
Kathy Lamanca produced a quality show.
Models strutted and posed to the delight of the big crowd.
Writer Susan Ayers makes a fine model.
Lovely Alicia gets a last-minute touch-up (which she hardly needed).
Emily and Tom Field (FRONT publisher and the show's organizer, admire Kathy's work with the fashion show.
Kathy interviews Susan.
Elegance personified: Kathy Lamanca and Alicia Lindeberg.
Yesterday's Best Foot Forward style and etiquette conference at the Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center was not only an opportunity for business people to brush up on their appearance and manners, but it was also grand entertainment, thanks to Kathy Lamanca of Highway25 and her group of models.

Kathy put together a killer fashion show, one that featured a video of the models "before" and a live show with their "after" looks. The video was accompanied by a tune (written and performed by Kathy) based on "Harper Valley PTA" and it had the large crowd in stitches. The show was full of energy, glamor and a lot of very good tips about what you should look like at work--and what you shouldn't.

Tom Field, my business partner at Valley Business FRONT, deserves strong kudos for organizing a classy show that people will remember. If you didn't get there, make your reservations for next year. This thing will become a "must-see."

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