Sunday, April 8, 2012

Photo(s) of the Day: Happy('s) Spring

The guy in the hat is one of my favorites, always courteous and even joyful. Loves what he's doing
A veggie lover's garden spot.
Gulping down a Mexican breakfast.
Grains and pastries and dried peppers and pastas and ...

Shoeboy reads a book, awaiting the barefooted.
The shadows of early-morning Happy's.
On pretty days, you get crowds in stripped shirts.
Studying the goods, avoiding eye-contact until you spot something you want.
He said, "$75 for all." I said, "$3 for this one?" No? OK.
"Want a good picture?" the vendor said. "Yes," I said.
"How big is this one?" the man said. "About 12 ounces," she answered. "That'll do," he said.
Chillies rellenos in the raw. (Recipe.)
Cactus in the raw. First take off the thorns. (Recipe.) This stuff is good.
You eat this. I'll watch. First, remove the spikes.
Beans, beans, good for the heart. The more you eat, the more you want.
Not sure what this is. Looks good, though. Love the color.
I know what this is and I like it. But I don't eat it often. Shame.
Easter is a fine time to celebrate what Jesus stood for (if you know what that is. Hint: "love one another"), but it's also the time to be Happy('s). Yes, Happy's Flea Market and International Food Court (I just made up that last part) way out Williamson Road in Roanoke.

Easter marks a kind of unofficial beginning to the season at Happy's where you can look for the usual flea market junk and treasure and you can also shop for dinner. Most of the food is fresh and sold by foreign nationals, who'll gladly tell you how to cook it. There is some question in my mind always about what the food is and what I'm to do with it, so the advice helps. It is an adventure in shopping and it's a heck of a lot of fun. Give it a try.

And please try to remember what Jesus stood for without all the bullshit doctrine. Simple man with a simple message.

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