Sunday, April 22, 2012

Got a Press Problem: Buy the Critic (Monsanto Did)

These products contain Aspertame made by Monsanto
OK, so you wonder what "too big to fail" means? Here's the best example I've ever seen:

Monsanto, the Great Satan of agriculture and one of the very worst and most devastating companies on the face of the earth, has just bought one of its most potent critics, one that sold it out on the damage it is doing to the bee populations worldwide. Here is the link.

If you don't know why bees are important, it's understandable (though you really ought to try to keep up). Bees are responsible for pollinating a a substantial portion of the plant food you eat and without them, we'd have a lot more--a whole lot more--starving people worldwide.

Monsanto has genetically altered plants, which, research shows, is resulting in dead bees. Monsanto doesn't want to change the way it does business, so it simply buys its critics. And Congress. And anything else it finds useful, since Congress essentially gave it a U.S. monopoly on certain kinds of seeds (and if they blow into a farmer's field who doesn't buy them, he can be sued. Swear to god!). It makes Aspertame, which is toxic and in many popular foods, and many of your breakfast cereals use soybean oil from Monsanto. But that's a drop in the bucket for this huge international company whose power is that of a large nation.

If you have an opportunity in the near future not to buy something Monsanto makes (start with Roundup), take the opportunity. You'll be doing the bees and yourself a favor.

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