Monday, April 2, 2012

Photos: A 'Civilized' Evening at Hollins

Rebekah Manley, who wrote a parody, and your favorite editor in their prom stance.
A nice crowd of boys and girls showed up for the reading.
President Nancy Gray reads from 'Goodnight Moon'.
Our favorite editor read from 'Goodnight Bush" (yes, that Bush).
Christina Koomen reads for Kathryn Echsedy, who couldn't attend.
Actress Amanda Mansfield reads Daphne Huffman's Rush Limbaugh takeoff.
Trubador Greg Trafidlo sang his entry.
Debbie Atkins reads 'Goodnight Party'.
The Goodnight Moon parodies went off nicely tonight at Hollins University with a nice crowd on hand at the Green Room on the college campus. Here are some scenes from a special evening, one we don't have enough of. Somebody called it civilized. Yep, that'd be it.

You'll note that I appear to be dancing with Rebekah Manley, one of the presenters (a recent Hollins grad and a fine young writer). We aren't exactly. When Rebekah asked me the other day what I was wearing, I told her a dinner jacket and she asked if she should wear her prom dress. I said, "sure, but I get a dance." This is the dance. Let me also mention that after nearly everybody had left, Greg Trafidlo broke into his parody of Kenny Rogers' "The Gambler." It is called "The Tumbler" and is about a guy in Cleveland washing his clothes at a laundromat.

(Photos: Christina Koomen, except the one of her, which I took.)

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