Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Who, Exactly, Does the NRA Think It Represents?

The NRA is for hunters?
"The N.R.A. has just over four million members. That sounds like a lot until you consider that about one in five American adults own one or more guns. That’s nearly 50 million people. That means roughly 90 percent of gun owners do not belong to the N.R.A.

"Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that every N.R.A. member is also a hunter — which is highly unlikely, considering that the most comprehensive national survey of firearm ownership to date found that only 35 percent of gun-owning households say they hunt. Even then, the N.R.A. would represent only about one-third of all hunters in the United States"

--Lily Raff McCaulou in an op-ed in today's NYTimes saying, in effect, "I hunt, but the NRA doesn't represent me."

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  1. It's a stretch to think that 90% of gun owners are more like Lily than like an NRA member. More likely would be that half of those gun owners don't really care to be gun owners and have been passed down guns, or keep a 22 rifle for small game or any number of reasons to have a gun you don't think about too often. Even more likely is that many of those gun owners who are not NRA members are like me. I own a gun for self defense, and support the cause of the NRA but am not a member.

  2. My husband owns guns,is a member of the NRA,is not a hunter, and is.....a liberal. He's fed up with the NRA trying to tell him how to vote, what to think, etc. He's only interested in guns & target shooting.