Friday, April 6, 2012

'Christians' Take Stand Against Discouraging Bullying

It appears the Christian Right has lost its mind again (assuming it had one) over somebody else's sexual expression. This time the Nut Brigade has come out foursquare in favor of bullying, saying legislation against that cruel and senseless act promotes homosexuality. (Story here.)

Not sure how that'd work, but the fact is that most gay kids--an overwhelming 90 percent of them--are bullied at school and they are far more likely to commit suicide than other young people. Life is difficult enough without "Christians" (and I use the quote marks advisedly because Jesus would spit on these creeps) promoting violence.

In Michigan, a bill was passed last year that would have allowed bullying based upon "a sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction." So, all I have to do is say Christians are against my religion and I can proceed to beat hell out of them in Michigan, right? This craziness has a tendency to come back and haunt those meaning harm. Let us hope it haunts them into some sense. They don't have any now.


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