Saturday, April 28, 2012

Today's Headlines: The Patients Are Running the Asylum

I promise I'm not making any of this up. You can check out HuffingtonPost for yourself if you doubt this. Anyhow, here are today's top headlines:

Maine Governor Snaps: State Workers 'Corrupt'

(Seems to me that government workers are simply abiding by the laws that are made by people like the Maine Governor. It would be lovely if we'd stop blaming the workers and blame the people who are making the rules.)

House Passes Student Loan Bill That Cuts Women's Programs

(Well, say the Repubs, we have to do damage to SOMEBODY! Can't just go passing out this money to people who need it without smacking somebody somewhere.)

Romney to Students: Borrow from Your Parents

(Hey, Mitt, what if the parents don't have a job because the Repubs took them all in order to give tax breaks to the rich?)

McCain Accuses Obama of Playing Politics with Bin Laden Death

(Oh, lordy, go get 'em McCain. This is something no Repub would ever do.)

Fox News Pundit Apologizes for Controversial Sandra Fluke Tweet

(Imagine that! A Fox News talking head having to apologize. The end is near.)

Court Deals Blow to Koch Brothers

(Finally! One for the people.)

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