Sunday, April 29, 2012

Photos of the Day: 'Living a Fun Life'

One of Virginia Tech's Heighty-Tighties shoots his mates with the Viking contingent.
The Viking Growl (that's my Madeline on the right and she's into it).
The float--literally for this Viking ship--is underway.
Brian Nemeth adjusts his outfit.
Here's a fierce Viking look from Matthew Sutherland.
Madeline, Valkyrie maiden, prepares for battle.
Pulling the ship and carrying the banner.
Bearman Samuel McCormick is at the head of the Viking group.
Charisse Surayya threatens a captive.
Jeffrey Rigdon goes after a couple of spectators.
Lovely Jessica Allison-Bourne prepares to sound the charge.
No, Maddie! He's not the enemy! Kill the Wabbit!
Maddie and buddy look forward to pillaging.
Madeline The Great: Leader of the Children's War.
Maddie celebrates victory!
Jeff gives a tiny Viking a reassuring hug. He scares the hell out of some of the kids and they love it.
OK, so we're a little over the top here, but it seemed an especially fierce group of Vikings yesterday in the Vinton Dogwood Festival parade. Madeline, my seven-year-old grandgirl, took part in the Viking raid for the second time and this kid is a born warrior (even as her Pampa is a pacifist). Jeff Rigdon invites the kids along and even helps outfit them. You gotta love Jeff and this whole group of people who know how to live a fun life.

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  1. haha looks like it was a lot of fun. Go Vikings!