Monday, December 14, 2009

Writers: Put Social Media To Work, a Workshop

My pal Jill Elswick, who has about as much to do with any social media literacy I have as anybody on earth, is the teacher tomorrow for our special Writers Workshops Series on writers and social media. Jill's calling it "Finding Your Social Media Muse" and I've watched this big-headed baby birthing for several weeks now. Jill is one of the most thorough and intensely detailed people I know. This will be a very good session and it will be practical.

It runs 7-8:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 17 at Center in the Square, second floor. Call Rhonda Hale at the Arts Council to register at 540-224-1205 (or you can just show up; Rhonda will kill me for saying that, but you can).

Jill's been all but addicted to social media for months and she knows how to make it work for writers. She also communicates clearly, so bring your laptops and a keen interest and get ready to either go social if you're not there or improve the skills you have. It's free for members of the sponsoring Arts Council of the Blue Ridge and non-members pay $5 (still quite a bargain, if you consider what doors are opening here--they did for me).

Jill functions as a freelance business writer (one of our best at Valley Business FRONT) and a conference planner. She has been a senior editor with Employee Benefit News and has been interim editor with Virginia Tech Magazine. She's a graduate of James Madsion Unviersity and has a master's degree from N.C. State.

(Photo courtesy Maryanne Marx.)


  1. The Roanoke cognoscenti would be foolish to miss this.

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