Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas in Grandin Village, 2009

The Village coming back to life about 3 p.m. today after nearly 20 inches of snow.^

Young fellow takes off from the top of the hill at Memorial Bridge.^

The hills were alive with sledders and snowball fighters at Memorial Bridge.^

Here's life in the Village, the way it has been, the way it is, the way it should be.^

Benches wait for some butts to warm them. Butts in the Village are always warm.^

Roanoke's largest snowfall in a lot of years--nearly 20 inches in spots, generally around 16, though--brought out the best of us (recreation) and the worst (driving, parking, digging out).

This one was an almost debilitating snow for about 18 hours until warmer temperatures started to melt some of the snow, but we're looking for that to freeze tonight and give us the devil of a time getting to work tomorrow.

This was an especially beautiful and cruel snow, taking the life of my friend Ann Masters (read below) and putting a heavy black cloth over the Christmas of a number of people. Still, a snow like this is undeniably beautiful and in this region, it most often is gone before we tire of it.

In Grandin Village, where I live, this snow and this season are almost Rockwell-esque. And I like it like that.

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  1. Gerald Carter told us that he feels sure, when Mommie got out of her car to walk the rest the way up the snowy hill to her house, that he feel sure that her first thoughts were, "Well, isn't this just beautiful." I believe that to be true. She is the diamond glint on the snow now. We miss her and thank you for honoring her in so many touching articles.