Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Art and Tolerance at the Taubman

Art and talk at the Taubman Museum Thursday^

My pal Bruce Bryan of B2C Enterprises in Roanoke sent me the following announcement for a downtown art event you might be interested in. It combines art and the notion of art and tolerance--two worthy areas--for you to take part in. Here's Bruce's note:

"A Quick e-mail to tell you about "Wine and Wonder" Thursday at Norah's at the Taubman Museum of Art in downtown Roanoke. Each week, the staff at the Taubman Museum offers a wonderful experience at 5:30 p.m. on Thursdays at Norah's. A hosted discussion about a piece of art in the collection takes place and it is open, informative and enlightening. It's accessible and free.

"You have access to a tapas menu and drinks at Norah's if you would like to partake. Then, towards the end of the hour together, you get to take a field trip to view the actual piece of art up close and with a knowledgeable guide. Be careful though, "Wine and Wonder" (5:30pm on Thursdays) can be addictive.

"This Week the Taubman Museum is teaming with S.T.A.R. (Spirit of Tolerance and Art in the Region, one of the four Community Connectors programs) to look at a specific piece of art. To learn more about the specifics of this week's session, you can visit the S.T.A.R web site here and read up on what we've been doing and see about this coming Thursday night's program. It's a great partnership and a great way for us to support an ongoing educational program at the Taubman Museum of Art."

So be there.

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