Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Day at the Patrick Henry Hotel Sale

Here's the mob scene at the Patrick Henry Hotel antiques sale today^

Same mob, different part of the building; my new pal Betsy in the center working the crowd^

Women look over the room keys, going for $15 and $25 (which was more than the gorgeous art deco lamps)^

Some of the plates were simply gorgeous ... and pricey^

Customers were carting off entire crates of water and wine glasses^

Denise Stewart is reflected in the mirror she claimed^

Roger Lenhart of Davidson, N.C., looks at a small chandelier. He was in town on business and heard about the sale on TV^

Rob Ledger and Jim Bohm claimed a painting that I had my eye on. They're waiting here to buy it^

The sale of Patrick Henry Hotel fixtures, many of them lovely antiques, attracted a packed house at the new Goodwill facility in Roanoke today. Bargain hunters found furniture, fixtures, artwork and miscellaneous items and many delighted in their purchases--including your correspondent who holds a room key he bought for his wife (right, photographed by my bud Stephanie Koehler).

I told Christina I couldn't find the key she wanted, but it will mysteriously make its way into her Christmas stocking as a surprise. Heh, heh, heh ...

This sale was just a taste of what's to come. Many, many more items will be on sale in January. The hotel has more than 100 rooms and is being renovated by developer Ed Walker.


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