Friday, December 11, 2009

Government vs. Religion II: Cecil Bothwell's Balls

Cecil Bothwell>

Regardless of Cecil Bothwell's religious beliefs, he should retain his office on Asheville City Council based primarily on the size of his brass testicles: roughly the diameter of basketballs.

This is a guy who wrote a book criticizing hometown hero Rev. Billy Graham (The Prince of War), then ran for council as an avowed atheist in a small Southern City. And he won.

The Asheville Citizen-Times (my first newspaper job) has a story today here that tells you some are not all that happy Cecil's being seated as an unbeliever in a state whose constitution requires a belief in God in order to preside over anything where the official is elected. They want him canned. 'Course the U.S. Constitution, which trumps state constitutions, says otherwise. Maryland found that out a few years ago in a similar case.

Still, this one's mostly about a guy who apparently has no fear. I say three cheers for Cecil.

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