Thursday, December 17, 2009

Social Media Happy Holidays!

About 25 members of the weekly "meet-up" social media group that gathers in Roanoke had a bouncing holiday lunch today at Carrabbas. Heavy social media talk from a bunch of very bright people with extraordinarily diverse backgrounds and interests.

Among the group was three of the FRONT's four social media gurus (guru-ettes, somebody suggested before being shouted down) pictured here. Patsy Stewart was otherwise engaged while we were shooting. They are (from left Jill Elswick, who wrote our December cover story; Janeson Keeley our new Internet columnist; and Bonnie Cranmer, who has a social media comment in our January issue). Talented women who write very well and make us all look good.


  1. Nice to know that I'm not a "guru-ette". It was a great lunch and lots of fun. Good to see you there - and you took another great pic!

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Janeson: A lot of these "great pics" has to do with subject matter, not photographer. We can call this one FRONT Honeys. Or not.

  3. "FRONT Honeys", huh? I think I rather like that. ;-)