Saturday, December 12, 2009

Another Development in the Condemnation Case

The Nov. 25 fromtheeditr post (here) is still having repercussions, according to WDBJ7 and the local daily. While the local daily has written almost obsessively about Carilion CFO Nancy Agee's simple re-assertion that the health care organization wasn't interested in acquiring additional property near its Riverside development in Roanoke, lawyers apparently have seen an opportunity and are jumping at it.

The attorneys for the owners of the three acres, who have reportedly turned down a $1 million offer for the property, say they will ask the court to reconsider its condemnation of the land. An Arlington law firm that specializes in this type of case wants to join the fray. A client recently lost a condemnation case based on cities being able to condemn land and sell it to private buyers that went before the Supreme Court and sent ripples throughout the land.

I found it interesting that the local daily's retail beat writer, Jenny Boone (a fine reporter) wrote this story with help from Laurence Hammack, who has been covering it for a while. Hammack was covering a trial, but Jenny's work is first-rate.

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