Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tea Partiers Demand Perriello Move His Office

The building in question (above) houses Tom Perriello's (right) office^

Honestly, now, I thought I'd seen audacity before, but this one's outside the ring so far that it borders on the fall-down funny. And you can credit those Laff-Riot Tea Partiers:

Tom Perriello, the U.S. Representative from a district that runs from redneck Southside to granola Charlottesville, is being asked by the Tea Party boys and girls to move his office from a building that is not accommodating to protesters to one that is. In his Huffingtonpost column, Jason Linkins (who writes about the funniest stuff) tells us that a report in The Hill says it's so. You're getting this third hand, so go to the source here.

A letter from one John Whitehead of the conservative Rutherford Institute ("citing the concerns of a local tea party group and the University of Virginia College Republicans") says that "your choice of office location ... has hindered the ability of citizens to effectively communicate concerning issues of the utmost importance." Well dang my britches! Sounds like a sinister plot to me. Doesn't want these lovely people standing in the parking lot, screaming slogans and holding signs with pictures of Barack Obama dressed as Hitler. Says it would disrupt the other business offices in the building. Well, shoot on them. This is about RIGHTS! man. Tea Party rights!

Says Whitehead succinctly, ""The First Amendment clearly guarantees individuals the right to speak out publicly and address their government representatives on the important issues of the day," and that means the protestee has to make it easy for the protester. Says it right there in the Constitution over there between the part about everybody being required to have bazookas and the one saying abortion is illegal. It say something like "You gotta move your office to a nice, shaded comfortable place with ample stadium seating, suitable for gatherings of groups of Tea Party peeps when they feel inconvenienced." Thomas Jefferson wrote that.

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