Saturday, December 12, 2009

Seasonal Charm: Hotel Roanoke's Festival of Trees

Christmas in downtown Roanoke is a real treat for those of us who remain kids this time of the year. Among the draws are the charming Dickens of a Christmas, which continues throughout the season, and the festival of Christmas trees at the Hotel Roanoke.

The tree festival has been held for many, many years, originating, I believe, at the old Miller & Rhoads department store. It made its way around to other buildings, including the City Market Building and, as I recall, the Heironimus department store for a while, after M&R closed and has finally settled comfortably at the hotel, where it adds a special touch of seasonal cheer.

The photo above is my favorite among some wonderful displays where the Christmas tree is simply part of a larger theme, this one 1950s kitchen, complete with ironing. The show on the TV--a real one--is the black and white "Mickey Mouse Club." It was on a loop with "Dick VanDyke" (more like 1960s) and "I Love Lucy."

Go see all these trees on two floors and for goodness sake, take the kids. Watch the light in their eyes.

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