Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Today's Photos: A Trip to the Ballpark on a Spring Evening

The entrance is imposing at Salem memorial Stadium.
Editr selfie shows a sweet background.
A trip to the ballpark in Salem on a weekday night in the spring is a treat that has almost nothing to do with baseball.

This is a lovely park, quiet on most nights (except for the speakers, which can be otherwise) and the view is often breathtaking.

I have little favor with baseball, was never much of a player and even had to reluctantly cover it some years ago as a sportswriter. But I always enjoyed being at the park because of the leisurely pace and the time we are given to socialize with those around us.

A special game in a special place, I'd say.

My pal Janeson photos the park with her cell.
Here's the main section of the park in fisheye.

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