Thursday, May 8, 2014

Digging It Up: An Old Man's Garden of Delights

Here's the new layout, sans azaleas.
Orange hibiscus out front with the new beds against the house.
Blaze rhody next to the fence. Love it.
Herbs, 'maters.
Grapes, berries.
More tomatoes, herbs just off the deck.
Strawberries at the back of the yard.
Stage left in front of the house has a rhododendron (left) and birds nest spruces, just like stage right.
Today was judgement day for that raft of azalea bushes in front of the house, the one winter got before I could. I'm not much of an azalea fan (though I just planted some orange ones at the front of the front lawn) and I especially didn't like them against the house.

So, I went over to RAM House first thing this a.m., hired a couple of burly guys to dig out the azaleas and plant the new selection of birds nest spruce and rhododendron (next to the steps). Looks pretty good. I also bought a hibiscus plant (orange) while I was out and put it at the front of the yard next to the big bush I cut in half a couple of years ago, giving it a 1956 flattop haircut.

I also put in one more basil plant this a.m. (lemon basil and if you haven't had lemon basil, you haven't lived), which finishes off the tomatoes, a couple of veggies, various herbs, grapes and berries that hang out on the edges of the back yard. It's all looking pretty sylvan and lush these days and it's damn fun.

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  1. Those blaze rhodies smell as good as they look. The whole yard is transformed, and it looks marvelous.