Monday, May 19, 2014

Bounty from the Trail: A Cup of Sassfras Tea

One of the wondrous benefits of hiking these lush mountains of ours is bringing home a bit of booty occasionally.

Today, I'm drinking sassafras tea, harvested from the ridge at Tinker Mountain, where I hiked yesterday.

I shaved one of the roots into a tea cozy, poured hot water over it and came up with the brew at the right. Last night, I boiled some roots and made a gallon of iced tea.

The taste is mild, semi-sweet (even without adding sweetner) and satisfying. It is the base for rootbeer and I can make that, too, given some sparkling water and something sweet to add. The stuff grows like a weed, so I don't hesitate to harvest a small amount when I hike. The rangers would likely shoot me, but I've risked it all for a lot less than a cup of sasafras tea.

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