Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Cooling Waters of Camp Alta Mons

The payoff at the falls at Alta Mons.
Strip the gear, get in the water.
Most hikes in this region of the United States pay your efforts with beautiful views. Camp Alta Mons, a church retreat in Montgomery County that welcomes hikers, goes a step--or maybe a toe--beyond that.

At the end of a lovely walk through the woods there rests a waterfall and at the foot of that waterfall is a pond, perfect for wading and even swimming if you're small enough.

My buddy Sonya Chappalear, an artist and snazzy dresser that I'm afraid I underestimated as an outdoorswoman until yesterday, went with me on this little journey, camera in hand.

Here are a few of my shots from the walk.

One of about four creek crossings.
The creek, which runs to the falls, is strewn with big rocks for picnics.
Daredevil Sonya approaches some lovers.
A large meadow precedes the trail.
Sonya's hiking boots. Girly girl.
Selfie at the falls.
Sonya photographs the view.
And this, boys and girls, is the view.

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