Friday, May 9, 2014

Quote of the Day: Dysfunctional Press Corps and the Environment

"There's an adorably naïve tendency among many who live and breathe environmental issues – journalists, scientists, advocates – to presume that reason, backed by science, will rule the day, any day now.

"I recommend either one of two easy cures for this: Watch an hour of Fox News, America's most-watched cable news network by a long shot. Or do what I did earlier this week: Watch the White House press corps." ...

"To be sure, those who make it to a White House reporting gig are brainiacs. You can be an oaf and still rise to be a talk show host or news anchor, but the reporting on the White House requires smarts and absurdly long hours.

"Sadly, it requires less and less journalism."

--Peter Dykstra of The Daily Climate, lamenting the "Drudge-like effect" of group-think journalism prevalent in the White House press corps. (Story here.)

(The Daily Climate photo)

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