Sunday, May 25, 2014

Today's Photo: Paris 1956 or Roanoke 2014?

It was interesting that about two blocks away from Roanoke City Market, where this photo was taken tonight about 7, the Beatles were singing "A Hard Day's Night" before a packed crowd at the new outdoor arena. The band would be 1964 and this picture would remind more of Paris, 1956.

The young woman is perfect. Leslie Caron. The short hair, the shirt-waist dress and high, silver heels. All that's missing is a cigarette between her right index and middle fingers, its ash long, its smoke swirling upward. The young man is appropriate, as well in the striped pullover and the go-to-hell sideburns.

When I suggested to the pair that they looked out of place and mentioned Paris, they smiled. They were feeling it.

She's the third Caron I've run into in the past three days, each lovely and charming. Each enjoying the comparison, even though I doubt any of them has the slightest inkling that Leslie Caron was a goddess for a time. I do hope this is a fad, trend, or something that means I'll see more of them.

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