Sunday, May 25, 2014

Our Little Piece of Heaven on a Fine Spring Day

The Peaks of Otter from the Parkway.
Purgatory Mountain near Buchanan.
If you need any concrete that we live about as close to heaven as a human without credentials can get, take a ride along the Blue Ridge Parkway today or tomorrow.

The views yesterday--a clear, lovely spring day--were simply breathtaking. The air was clean and cool (in the morning) and the views went on and on. At one point, I thought I saw New Jersey.

The hike up Sharp Top at the Peaks of Otter, one I had never completed, was brisk, steep, rock-strewn, difficult and magnificant. The 360-degree view is nothing less than breath-taking, standing there in your sweat.

This is why we call these mountains the Blue Ridge.
Rhododendron in bloom.
Flowers everywhere.
Leah told me what this was, but I forgot. Beautiful, though, no?
Lovers soak in the view from Sharp Top, to Peaks Lodge.

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