Monday, May 26, 2014

An Elevated Hike to Roanoke's Signature Monument

Yellow is the unfortunate blaze color for the Star Trail.
Trail offers alternate routes.
Hiked the Mill Mountain Star Trail from Va. 116, 800 feet up the side of the mountain. It's 3.4 miles round trip and took 2 hours, 5 minutes and about a waterglass full of sweat in the warm sun.

The trail, of course, goes to Roanoke's signature 100-foot star atop Mill Mountain, where you'll find the usual photo-taking crowds.

The one odd little aspect of this trail is the curious color of yellow for the blazes on the trees, marking the trail. I would imagine someone a little more sensitive than he who made this decision would see the connection between Yellow and Star which could make our Jewish brethern cringe.

Still, it's a fine walk for a Memorial Day.

Here's where you're going.
Here's where you look.
And here's what you see.
You might see this, too ...
... and perhaps this too, w/mosquitos.

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