Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Photographic Look at the Strawberry Festival

But will three be enough?
Beautiful day, festival, great food, big crowd.
Feeding the multitudes.
Food court art.
Thanks, Mom.
A day in the sun with the one you love.
Overhead view of overindulgence.
Crowd listens to the music at the new amphitheater.
Distinguished by definition.
Fuzzy-headed beauties with their huge smiles. Love this shot.
Editr with marketing faux pas of the decade: The Bank Pig.
New amphitheater gets a workout.
Never a moment without the handy cell.
Somebody has to do it.
My buddy Laura Bradford and new child.
Feeding the wee one.
Strawberry shortcake command center.
This one's about the dress.
Mom photographs boy in chocolate.
The tree-lined entry to the ampitheater park.
Is that Jesus' face in my chip?
Dainty eater.
Cheese fries: Breakfast of champions.
You are now entering the Strawberry Festival Zone. Prepare to stuff yourself.
Some of the food was actually healthy ... and pretty.
Community School's 34th Annual Strawberry Festival has grown a bit beyond what the original founders--a bunch of parents baking biscuits and serving them with strawberries for a couple of bucks--ever dreamed. Many thousands of people were on Roanoke City Market downtown to sample not only the shortcake but every manner of food, both good and bad (for you). Delightful time in the hear of the city.

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