Sunday, May 18, 2014

Photo Essay: Appalachian Trail Knee Test (Passed It)

Your favorite editr on a rock, just off the Appalachian Trail overlooking Roanoke's water supply.
My buddy Kurt Rheinheimer suggested a hike today that would test my new knee to determine where I was in healing. I'd say it went pretty. I climbed rocks and trails going up Tinker Mountain that I haven't been able to event attempt in years and it felt good every step of the way up and down.

'Course the payoff in view at the top of the ridge is simply spectacular and with my 10mm, flat focal plane lens, I was able to shoot the entire water compound in one shot. Love that.

Lovely hike on a simply perfect day in our mountains.

Rocks dot the picturesque trail along the ridge.
My hiking buddy Janeson takes a shot with Tinker Mt. behind her.
This is the payoff, standing far out on a rock and looking at almost the entire lake.

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